ISSN: 0041-4255
e-ISSN: 2791-6472

Teresa Tömöry

Keywords: Sgraffiato Ware, Anemurium, Rugged Cilicia, Cilicia Trachea, Seleucia, Calycadnus, Mediterranean Pottery


Anemurium is a coastal town in Rugged Cilicia (Cilicia Tracheal) near Cape Anamur, the southernmost point in Asia Minor. The site of the city is about 5 kilometers west of the modern town of Anamur, and about 125 kilometers by road west of Silifke (the ancient Seleucia on the Calycadnus). Anemurium was built and inhabited mainly in the Roman period. Parts of the town were stili inhabited during the mediaeval period, at which time it belonged to the kingdom of Little Armenia. During the times of conflict in the eastern parts of Cilician Armenia, Anemurium enjoyed a relative peace owing to the natural protection on three sides by the Taurus Mountains and on the fourth by the sea. Anemurium is mentioned in the chronicles of the Constable Sempad who compiled a list of castles and fortifications, together with the residing seigneurs under Leo II at the time of his crowning as king of Cilician Armenia in 1198.