ISSN: 0041-4255
e-ISSN: 2791-6472

Cafer Çi̇ftçi̇

Keywords: Ayanlık, Derviş Paşazade Numan Bey, Gemlik Shipyard, Ottoman


Numan Bey, descendant of Derviş Paşa, was born in Kuluca village of İnegöl, became one of the most significant people in his extended family and was appointed to important posts such as kapıcıbaşılık, mirimiranlık and tersane eminliği. This study presents data on services of Derviş Paşazade Numan Bey to the government as an ayan, his struggles with other ayans and his activities as a tersane emini in the renovation of the Ottoman Navy during the reign of Selim III. This study does not aim to represent the life of Numan Bey in all its parts due to the lack of sources, presents some original data regarding ayanlık, the history of the Sandjak of Hudavendigar and the function of the shipyard in Gemlik as well as his activities.