ISSN: 0041-4255
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Hüseyin Kayhan

Keywords: Fahreddin Kara Arslan, Artuklus, History


From 1144 when he became the leader of the Hısn Keyfa branch of the Artukids until his death in 1175, Fahreddin Kara Arslan displayed an effective leadership. He maintained his position against internal and external threats, especially against İmadeddin Zengi. He established good relations with Turkish states and principalities such as Mardin Artukids, Ahlatşahs, Dilmaç Oğulları and Danişmendis, Anatolian Seljukid State. He also cultivated relations with the Abbasid Khalifate, Musul Atkabegs, Crusader States and Cilician Annenians. He extended his territories successfully and became an important statesman in the international arena. He was an intimate friend and ally of Nureddin Mahmud. He worked hard fort he prosperity and happiness of his realm. The Artukid cities flourished and grew wealthy during his rule.