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Esin Kahya

Anahtar Kelimeler: Ottoman Empire, Fourteenth Century, Ottoman Physicians


During the fourteenth century, Ottomans opened madrasa in where they invaded. The first madrasa was founded in Nicosia (Iznik). The second was founded in Brussa. All of them were built to let the people learn religion including in astronomy and mathematics, as it happened in some other places of Anatolia during the Seljukids in the eleventh, twelfth and thirteenth century. They also founded hospitals in the same places. One of them was Yıldırım Hospital in Bursa. It was also served as a medical school. Its first physician was Physician Husnu. The first medical studies in the Ottoman Empire appeared in the fourteenth century. Among them can be mentioned Ishaq b. Murad, Hadji Pahsa, Physician Barakat and Cemal al-Din Aksarayi. Except Aksarayi who was interested in religious science in addition to medicine, they preferred to write in Turkish. Hadji Pasha had works in Turkish and Arabic. Although the other scientists who were interested in mathematics, astronomy, physics and chemistry preferred to write in Arabic or sometimes in Persian, the physicians wrote their works in Turkish.They felt to have to explain why they used Turkish language and said that they wrote their works in Turkish because they wished to understand what they said in their works. Their works were mainly on diseases, their treatments and the drugs which were used during the treatment of the illnesses.