Hayrunnisa Turan

Keywords: Heraldry, Blazon (rank), Badge, Mamluk Art


Heraldry draws attention as an application special to Mamluks among the Turkish-Islamic states, which not only refl ects the organizational structure of the state but also mirrors the artistic development of it. Amirs are quite effi cient in Mamluk state structure and initiate proliferation of the heraldry system in this way. Blazons, which are signs of various offi ces of amirs for special service of sultan in Mamluk court, were used in many fi elds from the architecture to the crafts. Though Mamluk sultans also attained a variety of ranks for services in the court before the reign, the outnumbering amirs accompony intensity of the blazons pertain to them. Blazons which prevail in Mamluk domination geography, the examples in Jerusalem with majority of them belong to the amirs are researched and evaluated in this study. It is understood that these symbolic badges which are designed in ostentatious places of the buildings or the other works of art with fi ne craftsmanship suitably for the purpose of heraldry system made also substantial marks on Jerusalem.