Hüseyin Sarıkaya

İstanbul Üniversitesi, İlahiyat Fakültesi, İslam Tarihi ve Sanatları Bölümü, İstanbul/TÜRKİYE

Keywords: Chronicler (Waq’anüvīs), Sa’dullah Enverī, Khalīl Nūrī, The Estate Registers, The Ottoman Piastre (Kurus), The Ottoman Traditional Silver Currency (Akche).


The Estate registers (Tereke) are one of the important sources concerning Ottoman socio-cultural and economic history. These records shed light on social stratum, family structures, amount of personal income, types and values of commodities in the relevant period. This study aims to analyze the property of the chroniclers and statesmen Sa’dullah Enverī and Khalīl Nūrī, who were successively appointed to the chronicler-post in the later XVIIIth century, through the estate registers. I firstly mention both authors’ biography and examine the character of the estate records concerning the authors. Then, from many aspects, I evaluate their family members, attorneys, trustees and properties. In the fnal chapter, I focus on the distribution of the estates and periodically economic analyses of the writers’ afuence. What is more to all the items elaborated above, I deepen the subject with extras such as motives for record-keeping, supervising clerks, writing methodology and spelling mistakes of scribes, ofcial positions of attorneys and trustees, comprehensive statistics related to the estates and properties, worth of the assets in their lifetimes including specifc comparisons with modern-day conditions.