ISSN: 0041-4255
e-ISSN: 2791-6472

Melek Çolak

Keywords: Ottoman Empire, England, Russia, Turkish Hungarian, Vámbéry, Travelogue


Hungarian Turcologist, Ármin Vámbéry, following a preparation period spent in Istanbul set out for Middle Asian journey to elicit the relationships between Turkish Language and Hungarian Language and to collect some information about Middle Asia for the English. Throughout this journey, which was realized with the help of Ottoman political circles, he travelled safely by making use of the web of Islamic monasteries. The journey of Vámbéry, who realized his journey in a period when England and Russia got into action to realize their wishes related to Middle Asia, drew the interest of Russia. At the end of this journey, England and Russia obtained some benefits. His travelogue about Middle Asia made him famous. However, in this travelogue there are many conflicting statements about the events and the people he met in Middle Asia. Hence, this work is quite interesting. In the current study, Vámbéry's Middle Asia journey and his travelogue are investigated in relation to Ottoman Empire, Middle Asian policies of England and Russia and their relationships with each other.