ISSN: 0041-4255
e-ISSN: 2791-6472

Necmettin Alkan

Keywords: Turkish-German Militaristic Alliance, 1914-1918 WWI, Çanakkale Battle, Enver Pasha, Mustafa Kemâl Bey


Turkish-German relations has a long past and the final stance of those relations are Turkish-German Militaristic Alliance in 1914 and joint allied wage of fight against Entente between 1914-1918 during WWI. Turks and Germans shoulder to shoulder combated a war on three continents, at a relatively large geography of thousands of square kilometres. Çanakkale was one of the common front both nation defended and defeated both invaders France and UK. Çanakkale Battle, almost at all aspects has been tackled with by Turkish historians nowadays Germany's contribution to this victory was not searched in detail. In addition, German sources on the issue were not seriously examined. This paper intends to fill this gap. The paper tries to unearth Germany's share in the victory and its procuration of militaristic personnel and munition. First hand and second hand German sources have been examined and used during the work. The result born out of this work is that: German militaristic and munition support have a considerable share in Çanakkale victory. During Çanakkale Battle total number of German officers, experts and soldiers were fluctuated from 500 to 700. Especially in the level of command echelon Germany had dominance. Considerable amount of weaponry and munitions have been sent from Germany to the Çanakkale front. German, submarines and planes also took part in the battle. In front rear German espionage and health services also contributed waging of fight. Under the shed of above mentioned information, the most important output of this paper is that, German officers, militaristic aid have a considerable part on the victory of Çanakkale.