ISSN: 0041-4255
e-ISSN: 2791-6472

Gábor Barta

Keywords: Hungarian, History, Mohács, Ludovicus Gritti


In this article author narrates the odd role of Alajos (Luigi) Gritti, who was the illegitimate son of Venice Doge Andrea Gritti, in Hungarian history. He also demonstrates that he accessed data which make possible to correct story line as told by Kretschmayr, who also was an expert for the same subject, seventy years ago. Governor's Hungarian adventure roughly summafized as follow: Doge-son (Son of Doge) relations with Hungary began when King Dnos send his envoy to Istanbul in order to gain Sultan's friendship. Doge-son (Gritti) supported the envoy's effort and in return of his achievement he became official representative of Szapolyai. In 1529 He undertook food supplying business for Ottoman army's campaign against Hungary. At September 14, 1529 he represented Ottoman Sultan at the ceremony when King Dnos succeed to throne. In mean time, ile became king's treasurer and adviser. What is more, Egri's office of bishop is giyen to his control. Meanwhile, he struggied with financial difficulties. He went back to Istanbul and undertook food supplying for 1530 campaign. Besides, He took the task to intimidate King Ferdinand diplomatically. When be went back to Buda Germans attacked to Hungary, even besieged the town. ile proved his courage in this event. After besiegement he was appointed to governor. However, majority of Nobles and Beys opposed to this appointment. After becoming a governor, he increased his diplomatic war against King Ferdinand. When Ottoman Army, instead of attacking, signed ceases-fire and retreated, King Dnos limited Gritti's power and took back the management of salt mines. Gritti once again went back to Istanbul and returned to Buda before 1532 campaign. When approaching of Ottoman Army was heard, Gritti took back the control. This time he entided as the commander-in-chief. Now he is leader of Hungarian People in real life. After the failure of Ottoman Army, Gritti was engaged in domestic political disputes. When he learned that Ferdinand got progress in peace talks, he went to Istanbul. King Ferdinand also sent his envoy to Istanbul because this situation was not favorable one for both of them. In fact, Peaces treaty was signed. Gritti interfered in bargaining process between Sultan and Ferdinand. After peace treaty, he signaled changing the side. When his intention was revealed, his lost his position. Finally, As requested by Babıali, he went to Hungary to draw the border between Hungary and Austria. When his arrival was heard, Erdely people got armed to stop him. In Brasso he killed his chief enemy who was happened to be a noble man. This was considered as "the straw that broke the camel-s back" situation for him. When he was in Meggyes, Tholısands armed people surrounded him. He requested hep, but King Dnos intentionally acted slow. In this case, Gritti and Ottoman soldiers with him were slew. Babıali investigated this incident a long time. However, after execution of İbrahim Pasha, case was dropped.