ISSN: 0041-4255
e-ISSN: 2791-6472

Telli Korkmaz

Keywords: Soviet, Russia, Turkey, the Bolshevik, Armenian, Chicherin, the Caucasus, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Accord, revolution


A Soviet Russian statesman G.V. Chicherin played an important role in TurkishRussian relations. He worked in the archives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs during the period of Tsarist Russia. After the October 1917 Revolution, he served as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs during the periods of Lenin and Stalin. His family's significant role in Russian diplomacy determined his future. In Europe, he was rightly called as the most educated foreign minister. He was graduated from St. Petersburg University, the department of History and Linguistics. His activities and political tactics at Foreign Office were strongly supported and valued by Lenin. However, his biased politics regarding the Armenian Issuecouldnotberealizeddue to Lenin's disagreements with Stalin.Chicherin and his Armenian assistant Karahan were the most important people in Soviet Russia's foreign affairs especially in determination and realization of Eastern policy. As a matter of fact, Chicherin's policy of Armenian defense was affected by Karahan. However, Karahanwasnot the only factor.Chicherin was an old tsarist diplomat who had grown up in the Russian policy in the East, especially in respect to the peoples of the Caucasus.