ISSN: 0041-4255
e-ISSN: 2791-6472

Zaur Hasanov, Bağdagül Musa

Keywords: Scyhtians, Huns, cult of Ares, skull cult, blood oath


In this paper different traditions of the Scythians and Turkic peoples are studied. The research shows that: 1) the burial traditions of the Scythians are identical to the burial traditions of Asiatic Huns, European Huns, Turks (Göktürks) and others. 2) Scythian custom of the Blood Oath finds its exact parallels in the tradition of Asiatic Huns. 3) The Scythian tradition of using the sculls of defeated enemies as a drinking cup I also traced in the culture of Asiatic Huns. Moreover Scythians and Asiatic Huns had identical traditions of division of the plunder of war. 4) As a result of the comparison of information of Chinese, Greek and Latin written sources about Scythians, Asiatic and European Huns it was determined that these peoples had the identical cult of the god of War, who was associated, by them, with the sword of heavenly origin. 5) While comparing the information of Greek, Chinese and Turkic written sources about Royal Scythians, Asiatic Huns and Turks (Göktürks) author shows the identity of the phycology of these peoples.