ISSN: 0041-4255
e-ISSN: 2791-6472

Ahmet Köç

Keywords: Ottoman Empire, Ankara, the Mevlevis, Foundation, Damga, İhtisab, Cendere, Kirpas Mukâtaaları


In the last years of the Anatolian Seljukid Empire and the period of the Anatolian principalities, good friendships of Mevlevis with government officials were an important factor in building of dervish lodges. In general, it can be said that the during the periods of the Anatolian Seljukid State and the Ottoman Empire, kind and cash supports increased for the Mevlevis and their lodges within the framework of mutual assistance. All of these developments were the products of an established wellintentioned efforts. Mevlevi lodges were founded and led by a descendant of Çelebis who have been living in Konya since the 14th century. The emergence of the first Mevlevi Lodges in Anatolia happened in the time of Mevlâna's sons and grandsons after the death of Mevlana. Especially good relations of Ulu Arif Çelebi with government officials prepared the ground for the opening of the new dervish contents in many cities. With the establishment of the Ottoman Empire, the number of the Mevlevi Lodges reached to 76, then up to 92. Because the Mevlevi order founded as a religious order, lodges have usually emerged in the large residential areas. Although our sources tell a Mevlevi Lodge existed in Ankara, its exact location, administrators, structure, perhaps most importantly basic livelihood were not known. In this study, both Şer'iyye Registries and obtained documents from the Ottoman Archive, will detect important clues about the history of the Mevlevi Lodge in Ankara.