Cafer Çi̇ftçi̇

Keywords: Hudâvendigâr Province, Sericulture, Ottoman Public Debt Administration, Ottoman


In the 19th century, the Hudâvendigar province was one the most important centers of sericulture and silk industry in The Ottoman Empire territories. Depending on the technological developments and demands taking place in Europe, a significant revival in silk industry was observed in this century. However, when the silk-worms diseases put the activities of the sector to a standstill after the year 1860, the Ottoman government entered into an intensive effort to solve the crisis. After a while, when Ottoman Public Debt Administration was founded to collect the debts belong to the Ottoman Empire by foreign payees, this adrninistration got the right to collect the revenues from silk tithe. In this context, the efforts to increase the revenues initiated a new process that would guide the sericulture sector and revitalize the sector.