ISSN: 0041-4255
e-ISSN: 2791-6472

Gökhan Bolat

Keywords: Iran, Qajar Dynasty, Amir Kabir, Modernization Movements


Mirza Taki Khan or commonly known as Amir Kabir the most important person in Iran's modernization movements in 19th century. During his Grand Vizier which lasted nearly three years, initiated a broadrange of innovative movements in Iran and left deeptraces in the modernization of Iran, which lasted to the present. Although he was born in to a middle-class familly, due to his success he got important tasks. He respectively served as military secretary, delegate, ambassador, Azerbaijani Army Commander (Vazir-e Nezam), Chief of General Staff ( Amir-e Nezam) and Gran Vizier. In addition with the title of Atabeg he served as mentor of Nasıreddin Mirza then became Shah of Iran. The power and success he got during the Grand Vizier frightened his opponents, foreign states such as Britain and Russia and Shah's family. This fear ultimately made their alliance against to him and has initiated primarily the process leading to away from office and after a short time the killing.