ISSN: 0041-4255
e-ISSN: 2791-6472

Fatih Demi̇rel

Keywords: Dârülmuallimîn, fenn-i terbiye, usûl-i tedris(teaching methods), discipline, teacher training, The Second Constitutionalist Period


The Second Constitutionalist Period is very different and vivid in terms of social, economic, political and military affairs. Reform attempts were made during the period in education field alongside with other fields. Following the foundation of the first civil modern education institutions by Sultan Mahmud II, Dârülmuallimin (School of Teacher Training) was opened to train teachers for these institutions. With the establishment of the first "dârülmualllinin" in 1848, pedagogical experiences were increased. The first years of the 1900s witnessed to important developments in terms of teacher training and pedagogy. Remarkable developments in terms of structural reforms and curriculums of the Dârülmuallimin took place during The Second Constitutionalist Period. The course Usûl-i Tedris (Teaching Methods) in the curriculum of Dârülmuallimin was replaced with Fenn-i Terbiye (Educational Sciences) after The Second Constitutionalist Period. This change gave way to various problems. Besides, discipline issues taking place at education institutions of The Second Constitutionalist Period were different from the prior ones. The aim of this study is to analyze the place of Usûl-i Tedris and Fenn-i Terbiye courses in the curriculum of Dârülmuallimin; the application of Fenn-i Terbiye course during The Second Constitutionalist Period; professional and educational understanding of prospective teachers; the relationship between school administrators, teachers and students; the approach of the school administrators to the discipline issues and the change in discipline issues. The facts that the teachers and students of Dârülmuallimin understood the importance of teaching and learning art; that students lacked some Usûl-i Tedris; that the school administrators supported the teacher in a discipline issue; that the students protested the school all out and had the guts for this action; that the students were all expelled from the school and later excused to return to school were very interesting.