ISSN: 0041-4255
e-ISSN: 2791-6472

Tahsin Özgüç

Keywords: Early Bronze Age, District of Çorum, Alacahöyük, Copper Findings, Tomb Findings


We have carried out a study of the Early Bronze Age metal objects which have been found either by chance or by illicit excavations in the Çorum - Amasya - Tokat region and its vicinity. Published in this article are the metal objects known with certainty to be from this area and which are presently on exhibit at the İstanbul and Çorum Archaeological Museums. I would like to extend my gratitude both to the former curator of the İstanbul Archaeological Museum, my colleague Mr. Necati Dolunay, and to the Director of the Çorum Museum, Mr. A. Ertekin, for permitting me to publish these finds. Certain very important problems exist for the archaeology of early Anatolia. As our country modernizes its methods of agriculture, much of the farm work is now being done by machinery and of other developments brought about by industrialization, we can quote the construction of highways, hydro-electric dams, factories and various highly technical installations. All of these have contributed toward the problem of accidental destruction of early sites in the Çorum - Amasya - Tokat region. Added to this is the existence of organized looters who plunder exposed sites in search of saleable antiquities. The Early Bronze Age objects from the cemeteries of Oymaağaç and Göller came to light under such unfortunate circumstances and before any properly controlled excavations could be carried out at these sites.